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  • 7/16/2015

Will Pennsylvania's voice be heard?

The PPDBA supports the idea of a National "grassroots" organization that legit-ably represents the views and beliefs of the professional breeder.  Rumor has it that a meeting of state breeder organization is gathering in Kansas City, MO this month.  The PPDBA has been the voice of Pennsylvania's professional dog breeders since 1982 and is the only such organization know in the Commonwealth.

The PPDBA will have to see how our membership will be represented and what type of leadership structure the proposed National organization might have.  The PPDBA Board has has decided to send our Legislative Chairman Bob Yarnall, Jr. to represent Pennsylvania and to report his findings back to the PPDBA Board.  It is our hope that this newest attempt to have all of the state breeder's organization to come together will be successful.